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This book is based on the doctoral thesis entitled „Stylistic landamarks in the guitar creation of the composer Mauro Giuliani”. The work is addressed to all those who want to deepen the compositional style of a musical personality that through talent, work, dedication and boldness has left posterity a special spiritual heritage when the guitar was in the early stages of its statue as a concert instrument. The volume has 219 pages.

Tudor Niculescu-Mizil will have studied guitar archives that Giuliani conceived in order to achieve the optimal technical level, thus artistic, starting from the principles of fingering and reaching the multitude of sounding procedures of the elements of compositional and interpretative language. But not only he has studied, he also gives us examples of several pages commented that could constitute…a future manual of good rules for initiation in guitar art, from Giuliani…to today’ s mentors, devoted to the disciples who perpetuate the fascination of the harmonic, rhythmic, melodic resonances of the guitar. Prof. univ. dr. Șerban-Dimitrie Soreanu

The creation of Mauro Giuliani, a representative figure of the nineteenth-century guitar, has a considerable impact, both from a pedagogical point of view and from the perspective of its presence in concert repertoires. The book „Technical and interpretative hypostasis in the creation of composer Mauro Giuliani” is richly documented, clearly structured, presented in a frank and elegant language. The author manages to achieve his intended purpose, the work proving to be a true guide for the interpretation of Mauro Giuliani’ s music. Conf. univ. dr. Cătălin Ștefănescu-Pătrașcu

The volume is in Romanian language.

This work is composed of ten carols selected from both Romania and international repertoires. Through the proposed classical guitar arrangements, it was intended to preserve the authenticity of the selected songs, as well as to enrich them through various choices of harmonic thinking. The difficulty of songs is one that encourages interpreters to read the scores and to discover the beauty of these Christmas songs. The level of the pieces is beginner to intermediate, suitable for both amateur guitarists and professionals of all ages.

This collection is a novelty in the landscape of classical guitar publications in Romania. The author harmonized in an elegant and inspired style ten traditional Christmas songs. I am glad to notice that besides the vocation of soloist and professor, Tudor Niculescu-Mizil is also manifesting himself in the direction of enriching the repertoire for classical guitar, through attractive arrangements dedicated to the lovers of this instrument. Conf. univ. dr. Cătălin Ștefănescu-Pătrașcu

The collection includes 19 pages.

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The album gives the listener am insight into the world of romantic guitar, highlighting the emblematic works of composers: L. Legnani, D. Aguado, F. Tarrega and J.K. Mertz. The atmosphere of the „Romantic guitar” album is dominated by a warm, interiorized sound in songs such as Recuerdos de la Alhambra by F. Tarrega, of Elegy by. J.K. Mertz, but is also contains the virtuoso accents in Rondo, op. 2, no. 2 by D. Aguado or in the Caprices by L. Legnani.

1.Caprice No. 2 Allegro – Luigi Legnani 0:52
2.Caprice No. 4 Allegretto – Luigi Legnani 0:59
3.Caprice No. 9 Largo – Luigi Legnani 2:05
4.Caprice No. 12 Allegro non tanto – Luigi Legnani 1:08
5.Caprice No. 15 Presto – Luigi Legnani 1:21
6.Caprice No. 33 Polacca – Luigi Legnani 1:10
7.Introduction and Rondo Brillante Op 2, No 2 – Dionisio Aguado 8:30
8.Recuerdos de la Alhambra – Francisco Tarrega 4:42
9.Tango Maria – Francisco Tarrega 1:56
10.Adelita – Francisco Tarrega 1:46
11.Mazurca Marieta – Francisco Tarrega 2:36
12.Lagrima tango – Francisco Tarrega 1:53
13.Elegie – Johann Kaspar Mertz 8:11
14.Fantaisie Hongroise op.65 No.1 – Johann Kaspar Mertz 6:12

The idea of this work started from the desire to enrich the repertoire for classical guitar with beautiful and attractive pieces for the lovers of this instrument. The book presents a musical incursion into the cultures of different people and contains 10 classical guitar arrangements of representative pieces from different countries and continents. The level of the pieces is thought on two degrees: beginner and intermediate – and the order in which they are included in the collection reflects a progressive increase in the level of difficulty. The arrangements are designed to preserve the authenticity and beauty of each song through option of processing the musical discourse that belong to classical tonal harmony.

The 10 guitar arrangements which are included in this collection send us on a multicultural musical trip. The selected pieces harmonized in the classical tonal style by Tudor Niculescu-Mizil are attractive and accessible to enthusiatic guitarists. The pieces are also useful for guitar teachers in music schools or cultural centres, thus enriching the guitar repertoire in Romania. Victor Roșu – classical guitar teacher, director of the „Severin” International Guitar FestivalVictor Roșu – classical guitar teacher, director of the „Severin” International Guitar Festival

Üsküdura – Turkey
Auld Lang Syne – Scotland
Greensleves – England
Für Elise – Germany
Kalinka – Russia
Tarantella Neapoletană – Italy
La Cumparsita – Uruguay
Valurile Dunării – Romania
Barcarolle – France/Germany
Ochi Cyornye – Russia

The collection includes 32 pages.